Clinical Specialties

I have been treating clients for over 18 years, providing therapy both in private practice and in academic research settings. My approach is active, collaborative, and results-oriented. While I typically challenge clients to overcome their fears or hopelessness in order to live more satisfying and meaningful lives, I try to do so in a way that is warm, supportive and encouraging.

I work with clients with a variety of concerns and specialize in treating:
anxiety problems
    - panic disorder/panic attacks
    - social anxiety/shyness
    - generalized anxiety/excessive worry
    - obsessive-compulsive disorder
    - specific fears/phobias
post-traumatic stress disorder
    - depression
    - stress
    - relationship or interpersonal problems

While every individual and situation is different, my work usually entails teaching skills and techniques aimed at reducing distress and improving
quality of life, and encouraging between-session practice of skills.